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Our production

The metal QV emblem is an indispensable part of our sneakers!

We also added it with the intention to awake the spirit of a long history related to the logo itself, with whom you will connect while you're wearing our sneakers.

All of our sneakers have our own recognizable logo inside!

Not your ordinary belt!

As you can see, our leather belts have double stitching, as all our leather products! Inspired by Italian work of art in Alfa Romeo cars! You can choose them in 3 variants, double red, double yellow or green and white.

We produce a passion that you can feel ...

We can proudly say that we have managed to produce shoes that make you feel the same as when you drive your Alfa Romeo, special and original!

Wear it to believe it!

Handmade work

Quality is not questioned with our products, especially with our unique handmade sneaker!

Handmade work, the finest leather, and the skills of our employees to create a masterpiece!

Working progress

Additional hard work on the sneakers, which will make them beautiful and at the same time comfortable to wear! Be unique! Wear a passion that we created!

Working progress

We will show you some details from our workshop, to try to feel this incredible feeling of creating unique and handmade products, in this case, our belts.

Nappa leather

Our card holders are easy to care and wear! You can choose all Nappa leather, or combination of Nappa leather and finest velour! In 3 different stitching color combinations!

Fully leather keychain

We are especially proud of our fully leather keychain, which will add more style to your key Alfa Romeo key! Available in 3 different color stithing!


Our primary goal is the quality, which is obtained by direct contact with the final product

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