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Placing an order

After finding your desired items, there are only few steps to follow:

1. Shopping cart

Select the size for your items (if applicable) and use the “ADD TO CART” button.

Review your shopping cart by selecting the shopping cart icon at the top of the page. You can delete items from your shopping cart or change the quantity and size.

If everything is alright, click on ”CHECKOUT” to proceed with your order.

2. Personal details

Enter your personal details and address.

3. Delivery

Enter the delivery address details. The delivery address can be different from your home address.

4. Check 

This is the last step before finalising your order. Check the order details and if everything looks good, click continue.

5. Payment

You can pay using PayPal only for now. After your order has been processed, you will receive a instruction email with your order summary.

6. Purchase Price

The purchase price does not include import duties, taxes, transfer fees, and other governmental charges, which are Buyer’s responsibility.

 7. Tracking order

If you need tracking info for your order, please contact us via e-mail or LIVE CHAT, and we will provide you all.

 8. Returning policy

JUSTQV inc accept returning products for these reasons:

1. Package damage

2. Product damage

3. Want to change product for some other 


JUSTQV inc do not accept returning products for these reasons:

1. I do not need it any more

2. I thought it was... etc

3. Any other reason that is not relevant



1. Please read all information we provided at our Online Shop

2. Take a look at all photos and video we provided at our Online Shop

3. If you need any help, more photos, videos or information, feel free to contact us via LIVE CHAT or E-MAIL at office@justqv.com

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